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Decoding the Jargon - Conditional Approval and Formal Approval

So you or your Mortgage Broker have lodged an application with a Lender for a loan, and you now have a Conditional Approval.

Clients often asked what this means, so we thought this would be a good time to offer an explanation;

A Conditional Approval means that based on the information provided in your application and the documentation you have given to support your application, the lender is likely to approve your loan once some further "conditions" are satisfied.

What conditions might need satisfying?

It could be something as simple as verifying your employment with your employer, requesting further details about your general living expenses or waiting for a valuation report to be completed. Some conditions, like clarifying expenses, will require input from you but something like waiting for a valuation report is a procedural matter and requires no action from you at all.

Once all outstanding conditions have been verified and passed through a lenders assessment process, either a Formal Approval or a Decline will be issued.

Decline is fairly self explanatory. The lender does not want to loan funds to the client.

Formal Approval as it sounds, is the lender formally approving your loan application. They have verified all documentation provided and your application has completed the assessment process. At this point you know you have been successful with your application and once you have signed the lenders loan contracts, you will be issued with the funds.

Remember, having an experienced Mortgage Broker working with you can make the assessment process much smoother and get your Formal Approval through with much less stress.

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