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Investment lending


Whether you are a first time investor or have an existing portfolio, research and having the right people to help you are the keys to your success.

Gadsden Finance have a wealth of experience in providing finance for investment purposes.

Property Investment is something we have a keen interest in.  Our research, expertise and the relationships we have built with other industry professionals means we have a range of well placed investment property packages available for investors to purchase.

When investing in property the loan product is only one part of the puzzle.  Our experienced brokers are able to teach you how to use tax concessions and other strategies to work best for you.

  • to purchase the property with little or no cash outlay, thus minimising the impact on your current lifestyle.

  • Implementing the correct strategies to reduce your existing mortgage sooner.

  • Getting you set to secure your financial future / retirement.

So if investing is something you would like to do now or something you think you may in the future, it is well worth getting in tough with us to get clear picture of your options.

There is NO COST and NO OBLIGATION to come an ask us some questions!!


Contacting us is as simple as calling 03 5443 9098 OR email us from our CONTACT US page. 

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