There are so many lenders, products & policies to consider when you are looking for a loan.

Whether you're looking for a loan for Personal or Commercial needs, our team have the specialist knowledge & experience to fit you with the right loan product.

We understand that your time is precious and want to see you spend it with your family and friends. 




Director, Mortgage Broker

ACR # 377095
0439 311 624

Greg has been in the finance industry since the late 1980's.  With a solid start at NAB then later with Bendigo Bank, he started out as an independent Mortgage Broker during the 90's.  

Greg is easy to talk to and has a wealth of knowledge and experience across both personal and commercial financing.

With well established relationships with several local and national Building Companies, Conveyancers and Real Estate agents, Greg is  able to ease your burden by liaising with your team of professionals during this busy time.


Mobile Broker - Melbourne

ACR # 434062


0407 929 672

Craig joined the Gadsden Finance team back in 2012 and is now expanding our business to the Melbourne region.

Prior to Gadsden Finance, Craig has a history in Real Estate and then several years in the hospitality business running his own Motels and Hotel . 

This experience has served Craig well as he is able to use his life experience combined with Finance Industry skills and business relationships to assist his clients with their own personal and commercial transactions.  


Mobile Broker - Geelong Region

ACR # 510217


0468 949 359

Logan joined our team in 2018.  
He is local to Ocean Grove so is flying the Gadsden Finance flag in the Geelong Region.  
Logan is young and enthusiastic and is keen to build a long lasting relationship with other Geelong region clients as he assists with Home purchasing and other smaller loans for cars boats holidays and the like.  
Prior to being part of our team, Logan's experience has been in the construction industry.  He is also a pretty handy type of person who is always keen to jump in and give someone a helping hand!

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