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Specialist assistance for First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers

First Home Buyer Grants & Schemes

From June 4th 2020 First Home Buyers in Victoria have the following available to them.

  1. Stamp Duty Exemption 

  2. First Home Owners Grant of $10,000 for metro and $20,000 for regional areas.

  3. First Home Buyers Deposit Scheme 

  4. Home Builder grant of $25,000


All of the schemes have eligibility criteria and there is limited availability for the First Home Buyers Deposit Scheme.  So, pick up the phone         and talk to a Gadsden Finance Broker today.  It could be a phone call that adds $20,000, or more to your new home budget!!

Whilst BUYING or BUILDING your FIRST HOME is an exciting time, it can also be very daunting!

You'll be hearing a lot about 

  • LMI

  • LVR's

  • Stamp Duty

  • Serviceability

  • Valuations and more...



Maximising the amount a lender will loan you isn't about trying to take on unmanageable levels of debt.  It's a matter of taking a few simple but steps that could mean the difference between slaving in that 'fixer-upper' or owning your dream home.

Here are some simple steps to maximise your Borrowing Capacity:

  1. Reduce your credit card limits if possible

  2. Pay your bills on time every time! Late payments will effect your credit score.

  3. Consolidate unsecured debts to reduce monthly repayments.

  4. Avoid frequent changes of employment

  5. Work with family to use security guarantor

  6. SAVE SAVE SAVE! The more deposit you have the less risk you are to the bank and the quicker you will build equity in your new home.

There are many questions that arise when your are looking to Buy your First Home.  It is our role to answer them all and guide you through the process so the decisions you make are well informed not detrimental. 

Greg, Craig and Logan will make your First Home purchase smoother so you can enjoy the experience and excitement of purchasing and moving into your very first home.

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