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So you're ready to buy your first home or maybe you have a mortgage and you want to make sure you're getting the best deal. Perhaps you're thinking of doing a renovation or consolidating some loans. How would using a Mortgage Broker differ from going directly to your Bank?


A Lending Officer in a Bank only has access to the Loan Products that his bank are offering.

If you meat with a Professional Mortgage Broker you are effectively sitting in front of 30+ lenders with thousands of products at the one time. Your Broker will know which lenders are offering the best rates and which are best suited to you, saving you a lot of leg work!


Following up the application of loan is often time consuming and frustrating. And then you may also need to co-ordinate with Solicitors and Real Estate Agents.

A Mortgage Broker will manage all this for you and even assist you beyond settlement, particularly with construction lending which can be complex.


Bank staff change often, so even if you find a really great banker, they usually move/ take on other jobs in no time.

Your Mortgage Broker will be around for a long time. He/She are often small business operators and invested in client satisfaction as this is imperative to their business success. We are in it with you for the long haul! We get to know our clients which makes repeat business so much easier for you because you don't need to retell your story each and every time you need a loan.


As most Mortgage Brokers often own their own business we are committed to our clients.

Gadsden Finance has over 20 years industry experience to draw on and we are constantly furthering our education within the industry. You can be sure that you are getting Professional advice when you engage one of our Brokers.

Bank Staff are generally not "long term" and their industry knowledge often doesn't extend further than the the Bank they are employed by.

If you've never used a Mortgage Broker before, contact Gadsden Finance and see how we can make your next loan application easier.

Call (03) 5443 9098 There is NO COST and NO OBLIGATION to have a chat.

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